Deprivation of Liberty and Dementia

On the 13 March 2017, the major news outlets ran the following reports: The Daily Telegraph – “50,000 families caring for relatives at home risk breaking the law by locking them in”; The Times – “Dementia sufferers held in care homes and hospitals illegally”; BBC News –“People with Dementia ‘failed’ by deprivation of liberty law”; The Guardian – “Thousands of … Read More

Probate Court Fees

On the 27 February 2017, the Law Gazette featured an article with the following headline:  “Ministry of Justice confirms hike in probate fees” The article describes how the Ministry of Justice has confirmed a massive overhaul in probate charges, which will see some estates charged up to £20,000. From May this year, subject to parliamentary approval, the MoJ is planning … Read More

Grieving families and the Widowed Parent’s Allowance

On the 26 February 2017, the Mirror featured an article with the following headline:  “Grieving families in financial difficulty could face further heartache under Government plans to slash “lifeline” payments” The article describes how MPs are set to debate changes to the Widowed Parent’s Allowance payments, currently made until dependant children leave full-time education. From 6th April, parents could receive … Read More

Inheritance Disputes on the Increase

On the 24 September 2016, The Times featured an article with the following headline:  “House price boom produces surge in inheritance disputes” The article describes how court proceedings relating to disputes about Wills are increasing and analyses the factors that may be behind this increase including:  Rising property prices so that children have more to fight over;  High levels of … Read More

Inheritance Act Claims

On the 21 September 2016, The Times ran the following headline:  “George Martin’s children embroiled in war of words over will” Sir George Martin was the record producer who signed the Beatles.  The article contained details of the dispute that has arisen amongst his family over a portion of his Will.   Sir George Martin had been married twice and … Read More

Theresa May under pressure over ‘dementia tax’ social care shakeup

On the 21 May 2017, the Guardian ran the following report: Theresa May under pressure over ‘dementia tax’ social care shakeup. Plans to make elderly people pay for care in their own home going down badly on doorstep say Conservative candidates Theresa May is coming under pressure to drop or water down her controversial shakeup of social care that has been branded … Read More

Response from the Ministry of Justice to the outcry following the announcement of the hike in the fees

On the 20 March 2017, the Law Gazette wrote that The Ministry of Justice has published further information regarding the interim arrangements for the probate service guidance on its plans to hike probate fees in the face of fierce criticism. The guidance, a question-and-answer style paper called ‘further information regarding interim arrangements for the probate service ahead of the new … Read More

“Why Inheritance Tax changes are not good news for everyone”

On the 15 June 2017, The Times reported: “the new system will allow many families to pass on their home without paying a huge bill — but the system is complex and some will miss out” Changes to the inheritance tax system should bring down the bill for millions of families whose parents’ or grandparents’ estates have soared in value … Read More

“Trying to avoid care home fees? Think twice, consumers told”

On the 15 April 2017, Michael Robinson of Moneybox on BBC Radio 4 ran the following report: “Trying to avoid care home fees? Think twice, consumers told” Care from the NHS is free, but if you need social care because you’re physically or mentally frail, you have to pay for it yourself. And it is not cheap. The latest figures … Read More