Rising House prices increase amount of Inheritance Tax paid

On the 12 March 2017, The Daily Telegraph reported “£2bn more to be paid in inheritance tax than previously thought as house prices soar”  The newspaper reported that Britons will pay almost £2 billion more in inheritance tax over the next five years than previously estimated.  The Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) believes the Treasury will take in £1.8 billion … Read More

Grieving families and the Widowed Parent’s Allowance

On the 26 February 2017, the Mirror featured an article with the following headline:  “Grieving families in financial difficulty could face further heartache under Government plans to slash “lifeline” payments” The article describes how MPs are set to debate changes to the Widowed Parent’s Allowance payments, currently made until dependant children leave full-time education. From 6th April, parents could receive … Read More

Probate Court Fees

On the 27 February 2017, the Law Gazette featured an article with the following headline:  “Ministry of Justice confirms hike in probate fees” The article describes how the Ministry of Justice has confirmed a massive overhaul in probate charges, which will see some estates charged up to £20,000. From May this year, subject to parliamentary approval, the MoJ is planning … Read More

Proprietary Estoppel

On the 4 November 2016, The Daily Telegraph reported on a hostile legal battle that had been in progress for 5 years.   The sensational headline read:  “Widow, 91, faces eviction over legal fight with son over his father’s ‘inheritance promise’” The story was about a 91-year-old widow, Margaret Davies.  She fell out with her 70 year old son over … Read More

The Court of Protection

On the 14 October 2016, The Daily Telegraph reported: “Grandmother, 71, sent to top security jail after refusing council’s demands over care” The article contained details of a 71-year-old lady who was sent to a maximum security prison for six months by the Court of Protection.  The facts:  The lady and her brother were originally from Portugal.   Her brother … Read More

Inheritance Act Claims

On the 21 September 2016, The Times ran the following headline:  “George Martin’s children embroiled in war of words over will” Sir George Martin was the record producer who signed the Beatles.  The article contained details of the dispute that has arisen amongst his family over a portion of his Will.   Sir George Martin had been married twice and … Read More

Inheritance Disputes on the Increase

On the 24 September 2016, The Times featured an article with the following headline:  “House price boom produces surge in inheritance disputes” The article describes how court proceedings relating to disputes about Wills are increasing and analyses the factors that may be behind this increase including:  Rising property prices so that children have more to fight over;  High levels of … Read More

Inheritance Act Claims

On the 4 August 2016, The Times ran the following headline:  “Father’s work ethic at centre of will dispute” The newspaper was reporting details of an Inheritance Act claim being made by Danielle Ames, aged 41 for a share of her father’s £1 million estate.  Her father, Michael Ames, ran a successful double glazing business, Danielle was his only daughter.  … Read More