The Gazette, 10 January 2020

Why no Will?

Every month Rebecca Weare & Beccy Bristow solicitors at Start Point Law hold free legal clinics in Kingsbridge, Dartmouth and Salcombe libraries. 

Over the course of 2019 our free legal clinics in the three local libraries added up to over 64 hours of free legal advice.  We give our time to support our community because we think it is important that everyone has an opportunity to access advice if they need it. 

We speak to many people who don’t have Wills and they make various excuses for not having one.  We see the problems that can arise when people die without having a Will and it really isn’t worth taking the risk.

These are our solutions to the top three excuses that people give for not making a Will.   

Excuse #1 It will take too long.

Making a Will is a simple, easy and straightforward process for most people.  Think about your estate – what is estimated value of your assets? There are four main considerations: executors, specific legacies, guardian provisions for minor children, and who you want to leave your assets to. 

If you have thought about these main points, a Will appointment need not take longer than 30 minutes.  Even if you need some guidance to make a decision, an appointment should not take more than an hour.  After the appointment the draft Will is sent to you to approve and then we arrange a short ten minute appointment so your Will can be executed. 

Excuse #2 I can’t get time off work (or my spouse/partner can’t take time off work) for an appointment.

We offer evening or weekend appointments and can take your instructions over the telephone or by email.  A Will is personal to each individual, so we don’t have to take joint instructions from you and your partner or spouse.  They could take advantage of a telephone appointment and if we have already discussed your joint assets the telephone call could be very quick. 

Excuse #3 It’s too expensive.

A single Will costs £200 plus VAT and mirror Wills cost £250 plus VAT for the pair, great value for money compared to the costs that can be incurred sorting out problems when people have died intestate.   

We took part in three Will weeks for local charities last year.  During the week our Will appointments are free, you don’t pay us anything, but you do make a donation to the charity.  If you want to take advantage of a charity Will week we will be supporting Dame Hannah’s, St Luke’s hospice and Citizen’s Advice Bureau South Hams again this year.