Reviewing Wills and Dame Hannah’s Will Week

Free Legal Clinics January 2019

In January we held free legal advice clinics in Kingsbridge and Dartmouth.  We have added two extra dates for a free clinic at Salcombe Library between 11am and 1pm on 13th February and 13th March.     

A lot of people talk to us about their Will, they are concerned to know if it still does what they intended either because their circumstances have changed, or a named executor or beneficiary has died or moved house. 

Whether your Will continues to be effective depends on how your circumstances have changed. 

When you marry, unless you have made your existing Will in anticipation or contemplation of the marriage any previous Will is automatically cancelled.  On the other hand, divorce does not automatically revoke your Will and your Will takes effect as if your former spouse had died on the date that the divorce is finalised. It means that any gift that you made to them in your Will does not take effect.

Having additional children will affect interpretation of your Will if the original Will was drafted to name individual children rather than referring to children or issue in general terms. If a named individual who you wanted to receive a specific legacy has died, your Will may include a provision for what happens if they predeceased you. 

We recommend that you do review your Will after any major change in circumstance and if necessary add a Codicil or execute a new Will.

This year we are once again taking part in Dame Hannah’s Make a Will Week which runs from 11 – 15 March, we have a limited number of appointments available during that week when we will waive our fees for drafting your Will in return for you making a donation to Hannah’s.