When a problem arises in connection with property it can be extremely stressful particularly if the property in question is your home.  Whether the dispute has arisen because someone is infringing on your rights or claiming that you are infringing theirs it is important to find out what laws and rules apply as soon as possible so that you can try to avoid the problem escalating.

The dispute may have arisen between you and a neighbouring property owner for example over the position of a boundary, in connection with a right of way or breach of covenant.  There may be issues over planning permission that has been obtained or building that has been completed in breach of planning consent.  We can help you to understand the title deeds.

If the problem relates to rented property, we can help you to understand the complex landlord and tenant legislation that may apply and advise you about your options.

It may be that you want to know what your rights are in relation to jointly owned property.  You may want help to understand your rights if you and your co-owner cannot agree to sale of the property, or if you need help to determine what proportion of the property belongs to you.

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