If you have a dispute or need to stop someone infringing your legal rights we can help you to try to resolve that dispute.  Sometimes, the only way to resolve a dispute is to issue court proceedings and we can help you with the court process.

However, we would always recommend that before starting court proceedings that you offer to resolve the dispute by using mediation or any other form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  The court rules encourage parties to use mediation or ADR to resolve their dispute and can impose cost penalties on anyone that refuses to try mediation or does not offer it as a means of resolving the dispute.

We have experience with participating in mediation to resolve a wide variety of disputes relating to property or probate matters.

If you would like further information about how we can help to resolve your dispute through mediation or other form of ADR please contact rw@startpointlaw.co.uk or telephone 01548 288008