Whilst we strive to help people to resolve a dispute without having to resort to court proceedings sometimes litigation (court) is the only answer.  Whether you want to start proceedings against someone or defend a claim that is being brought against you, we can help you to understand the court process.

Before starting the court process it is important that attempts are made to resolve the dispute.  This is achieved by exchanging evidence and correspondence (letters or emails) setting out the full details of the claim and what is required to stop legal proceedings.  Often the letter includes a period of time or a date by which the other person must respond.  This letter is often called a seven day letter or letter of claim.

Once court proceedings have been started the court will set a timetable with deadlines for different documents or forms to be completed and returned to the court.  The court can order an adjournment to allow the parties to try alternative dispute resolution or mediation.

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