What is Inheritance Tax?

The Gazette, 12 April 2019 What is Inheritance Tax? Every month we hold free legal clinics in Kingsbridge and Dartmouth, and last month we held our first of two special dates in Salcombe Library. We are often asked questions about inheritance tax, and whilst everyone has heard of inheritance tax not many people understand it.     Back to basics Inheritance … Read More

Making Kingsbridge Dementia Friendly

Rebecca Weare and Beccy Bristow are both solicitors at Start Point Law and both are Dementia Friends Champions. This means that they were trained by the Alzheimer’s Society to deliver the Dementia Friends Information Session and help create more dementia friends. Dementia is an important topic as it is a disease that was responsible for the largest number of deaths … Read More

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Legal Corner, The Post, April 2019 What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? A lasting power of attorney is a legal document which appoints a person or people to make decisions for you when you no longer have capacity to make decisions yourself. There are two different types of Lasting Power of Attorney (often referred to as an LPA).  The … Read More

Reviewing Wills and Dame Hannah’s Will Week

Free Legal Clinics January 2019 In January we held free legal advice clinics in Kingsbridge and Dartmouth.  We have added two extra dates for a free clinic at Salcombe Library between 11am and 1pm on 13th February and 13th March.      A lot of people talk to us about their Will, they are concerned to know if it still does … Read More

What is an executor and what do they do?

The Post, Legal Corner, December 2018 What is an Executor? Have you been appointed as an executor? Where do you start? We help you to understand an executor’s duties. Lets start as the beginning – what is an executor and what do they do? The legal definition of an Executor is “a person appointed to deal with someone’s financial and … Read More

The importance of lifetime planning

Legal Corner – The Post September 2018 Many people put off planning ahead for many reasons, but often simply because they don’t get around to it or feel that planning may be tempting fate in some way.  It is important that we encourage people to tackle the taboos around end of life planning as the consequences of failing to plan … Read More

Why make a Will?

Legal clinic round up – July 2018 Every month we hold free legal clinics in Kingsbridge, Totnes and Dartmouth.  We had a busy month at all three clinics. We are always happy to try to tackle any issue and if we don’t immediately know the answer we usually know someone who does. Our specialist areas are wills, lasting powers of … Read More

Being Dementia Friendly

Legal clinic round up – June 2018 Every month we hold free legal clinics in Kingsbridge, Totnes and Dartmouth.  This month we spoke to people with a wide variety of legal issues which ranged from problems recovering a debt to questions about a residential tenancy, and from advice on sale of a business to reviewing an old will to see … Read More

Free Will week for St Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth

In May 2018 we took part in St Luke’s Hospice Make a Will Week.  We offered a number of appointments for people to see us during the week to make a will.  We do not charge to draft the Will and ask that each client in return makes a donation to St Luke’s Hospice.  In total we raised £650 for … Read More

Theresa May under pressure over ‘dementia tax’ social care shakeup

On the 21 May 2017, the Guardian ran the following report: Theresa May under pressure over ‘dementia tax’ social care shakeup. Plans to make elderly people pay for care in their own home going down badly on doorstep say Conservative candidates Theresa May is coming under pressure to drop or water down her controversial shakeup of social care that has been branded … Read More