Legal clinic round up – January 2018

Throughout 2017 we have given advice on a wide variety of legal issues at their free legal clinics held each month in Kingsbridge, Totnes and Dartmouth.  Beccy said “We have been asked to interpret all sorts of legal documents, insurance policies, contracts and agreements and property deeds.  We have been shown a number of Wills made years before and asked … Read More

Advanced Decision/Living Will

What is an advance decision? An advance decision (sometimes known as an advance decision to refuse treatment, an ADRT or a living will) is a decision you can make now to refuse a specific type of treatment at some time in the future. An advanced decision lets your family, carers and health professionals know whether you want to refuse specific treatments … Read More

Kingsbridge Dementia Friendly Community

The Kingsbridge Dementia Friendly Community is a group of individuals who have been meeting for two years on a voluntary basis to raise awareness of dementia in Kingsbridge and the surrounding areas.  The group adopted a constitution in July 2017 and is now an unincorporated charity.  Rebecca Weare has volunteered to chair the group and Beccy Bristow has volunteered as … Read More

‘Face to face with online’

On the 13thJuly we set out the BBC report  “The law around wills should be updated and brought into the “modern world”, the Law Commission for England and Wales has said” The question of Will making over the internet continues to roll on……  On the 7th August Ian Bond who is the chair of the Law Society’s Wills and Equity Committee wrote … Read More

“Will law should be brought into modern world”

On the 13 July 2017, The BBC reported: “The law around wills should be updated and brought into the “modern world”, the Law Commission for England and Wales has said” The current rules were “unclear” and could be putting people off from making a will, it added. It is considering whether texts, emails and other electronic communications should be recognised as a … Read More

“Why Inheritance Tax changes are not good news for everyone”

On the 15 June 2017, The Times reported: “the new system will allow many families to pass on their home without paying a huge bill — but the system is complex and some will miss out” Changes to the inheritance tax system should bring down the bill for millions of families whose parents’ or grandparents’ estates have soared in value … Read More

Dementia Friends Champions

In April 2017 Rebecca & Beccy trained and qualified as Dementia Friends champions.  Dementia Friends is a social action iniative run by The Alzheimer’s Society to promote five key messages about awareness and support for people living with dementia and their friends, families and carers.   We have held several dementia friends information sessions in Kingsbridge and the local area … Read More

Reduction in Court fees for registering a Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney Court fees have just been reduced by 25% to encourage people to write one. Do you have Lasting Powers of Attorney in place? The Alzheimer’s Society predict that by 2021, one million people in the UK will be living with dementia.  Dementia is not a natural part of ageing and it doesn’t just affect older people. … Read More

“Trying to avoid care home fees? Think twice, consumers told”

On the 15 April 2017, Michael Robinson of Moneybox on BBC Radio 4 ran the following report: “Trying to avoid care home fees? Think twice, consumers told” Care from the NHS is free, but if you need social care because you’re physically or mentally frail, you have to pay for it yourself. And it is not cheap. The latest figures … Read More